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If your company, organization, or brand needs to expand awareness and promotion, taking it beyond the next level, you need Brandi Kamenar Brand Management. 

She is personable, sharp, friendly and formulates an individualized strategy to ensure you reach your business goals with an exemplary team who are also conscious of the time they spend on a given project. 

When needed, Brandi is able to quickly correct course, with a tactful implementation style that makes such evolutions easier, smarter and quicker. Importantly, such strategy shifts come with collaboration and consent to ensure everyone is bought in on the new path.

With Brandi’s help, my business has grown over 18 months from one division to three, supported by expertise on an international scale. I could not have asked for anyone better to support our growth. It’s like I started in a Boeing 737 and now have the sophistication of an Airbus A380 as Brandi pilots my business carefully at cruising altitude. There can only be one like Brandi!


Dr. Praveen Buddiga


"Brandi Kamenar and her team of communication and media specialists have done an outstanding job of fulfilling their promise to increase my medical practice and reach to patients. The promotional and public relations attention she generated for me increased inquiry traffic to my website by more than 86% in one year.  

She also managed to increase the quality of the inquiries and expanded the reach of my message to patients all over the globe. They've helped me spread the word about artificial disc replacement, restorative motion surgery, and my patient advocacy as a neurosurgeon specializing in spine disorders. 

My personal experience with Brandi has been nothing short of a fulfilling business experience. She's sharp; she doesn't miss a mark. She has a team of professionals around her who are equal parts talented and creative. I highly recommend Brandi Kamenar for branding, public relations and business growth. "

Dr. Todd Lanman  
Lanman Spinal Neurosurgery 


"Can we talk about how Brandi Kamenar has and continues to create positive change in my professional life?  After more than 20 years as a successful restaurateur as founder and CEO of The Farm of Beverly Hills®, I decided that I needed to change direction.  I was turning 65 and it was time to put all of my knowledge and experience about food, and how it impacts our relationships and lives on a daily basis, as well as my expertise on travel, relationships and lifestyle to use without the chaos of running a restaurant.


I was fortunate enough to find Brandi Kamenar.


Brandi knew immediately what would be needed to create my personal brand, not to mention how to guide me through all of the development and business strategy that is necessary for my current and continued success.  It could easily have been a very scary process, but she knew exactly what to do, and how to shepherd me in the right direction and at the right pace that would encourage my growth both personally and professionally.  She has the most skilled team that she works with but it’s Brandi herself that makes sure everything is created exactly as she wants it.   It has her name on it and nothing less than perfect will do.


Roy and Tricia Nelson

With her more than 18 years of experience in the crazy business of marketing, PR, consulting, management and personal branding she is the ultimate professional. I can say with complete honesty and conviction that today, without Brandi, I would not be anywhere near where I am---doing what I love."


Fran Berger

Restaurateur, Foodie & 

CEO, Around the Table with Fran Berger™

"Brandi and her team of professionals have been remarkable to work with. I now have a gorgeous new brand that is being noticed by some of the nation's top agencies and talk shows that I have long dreamed to work with! My day-to-day business and client base is also expanding because of the strategies Brandi put into place during my personal branding and business development. I am now extremely confident to send clients, agents and media representatives to my website and this confidence has also reflected in my work and performance. Brandi is such an expert at what she does. The 1-5 year strategy she created has motivated me beyond belief and I already see the results.

Her team truly respects and values communication as much as I do - keeping me informed about the entire process and what I can expect next. It is not easy to take risks with a family and growing business, but I trust her implicitly and know that I put my investment in the right place. Work aside, Brandi empowers me and believes in me, which goes far beyond my day-to-day brand. . . Every day I look at my new brand and know that I made the right choice."

Dr. Jaime Kulaga
SuperWoman Coach, Best-Selling Author and Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Michael George

”Brandi’s process and vision in creating a simple, viable, yet comprehensive brand marketing strategy exceeded my expectations by a vast margin. She developed a knock- out brand strategy in weeks, which we could not create in over 25 years.  Brandi listened attentively to my goals, was extremely precise and painstakingly thorough in her development methodology, and then took her process even further by delving into my long-term lifestyle goals.  Due to the depth of her marketing prowess, and her grasp on current market trends she created previously unforeseen revenue producing opportunities, while making sure the brand strategy was cohesive, and uniform.  Her guidance and support offered clear understanding, and targeted direction through a direct approach. Brandi’s brand strategy will render all your competitors irrelevant.”


Michael George, Celebrity Fitness Trainer

& Whole Body Health Innovator

If you are looking for a masterful business and brand strategist to provide support, clarity, management, and a competitive edge in the national marketplace….there is only one choice, Brandi Kamenar.


Randy White, The Force Behind Change

Activist, Bishop, Author & Motivational Leader

Randy White
Carrie Charles

"My experience with Brandi has been nothing short of amazing. I brought her an unclear and disjointed brand and she transformed each element from business strategy to brand design - creating a powerful, customized brand that fits me like a glove.  Her expertise and heightened intuition provided an understanding of my business desires when I could not even express them myself.  She not only delivers on every promise, but makes the process easy and fun!  Working with Brandi has given me the direction, confidence and platform I needed to reach my elevated goals and the result is that my brand is now a clear, dominant choice in a marketplace of numerous competitors.  Brandi Kamenar, and her process, is simply magical!"


Carrie Charles

Speaker & Author


”I’d like to thank Brandi Kamenar for all she’s done to help me refine my personal image. Her skill, kindness, and expertise comes across in all that she does and she was instrumental in orchestrating a team of individuals to help refine my wardrobe. In addition, she has always been accessible on short notice to give strategic advice on image and fashion ideas for meetings, presentations, and television appearances. Her presence in my life has been truly a blessing.”


Adam J. Scheiner, M.D.

Laser Eyelid & Facial Plastic Surgery 

Dr. Scheiner

”When I was first introduced to Brandi, I had just moved to San Francisco from Boston with a dream of what I wanted to create and why.  Brandi's expertise lies in helping with the "how"- with her clever brand creation perfectly matching with business development strategy.  Not only is her work extremely high quality and consistent, but there is an authentic connection that she creates by being genuine.  Her dedication and compassion to the project brought out the best in me, so I could be able to create and think about my business in an intelligent manner on all fronts.  She goes above and beyond with all details to make sure that what is best for the project occurs.  Brandi is beautiful, articulate and smart, on the inside and out, and I thoroughly enjoy working and learning with her, not just as a client, but as a person.  I love the work we've created together,Substantial Living, and I look forward to her expertise as we both continue on our personal journeys, fulfilling our dreams.”  


Mahin Arastu

CEO, Substantial Living, San Francisco

Stylish Lifestyle Coaching

I hired Brandi to work on my brand name and image, but she also assisted me with vital business strategies that helped build my company tremendously.  The public relations she facilitated years ago continue to improve my business today. Brandi is always professional, kind and comes in with high energy and a strategic plan for any issues I may have.  After giving me an in depth evaluation of my company as a starting point, she recommended and implemented strategies on how to improve my overall success. It has been an honor working with Brandi and I fully trust and can count on her talents.”  


Dr. Yvette Suarez

Owner/Medical Director, Bella MedSpa


Dr Suares
Dr Suares

"Brandi came into my life at the exact moment I needed her.  I had an upcoming speaking opportunity, but had no idea where to begin. She made me feel comfortable and crafted my story with specific points to address so that I would stay on track with a speech both compelling and concise. Her structure was there to guide me along with her confident smile. 


It was an absolute joy to work with Brandi. She emanates a sense of trust-worthiness that makes you feel very secure. She is a true professional in every sense of the word and puts her clients first - Making their interests her very own. Brandi’s years of experience and her numerous contacts in the business allowed her to create opportunities for me that I had only dreamed of.  Her partnership is invaluable and it’s no coincidence that we doubled our donations the year she was on board.  Brandi truly made all of the difference in our success."


Kelly Gonzales, Executive Director

The Mulligan Project


”My company engaged Brandi Kamenar to design and establish our brand that was, at the time, unclear and disorganized.  With brilliance and the intuition to create exactly what we needed, Brandi gave it clarity, focus and strength. She brought us more than we even knew we needed and gave us clear advice and direction.  I felt understood and it was amazing to see my vision come to life.  Her team was extremely professional and delivered prompt service throughout the entire process.  I highly recommend Brandi Kamenar, as you will definitely receive more than you even knew to look for.”  


Linda Baldwin

Board Certified Holistic Health Chef & CEO

Intelligent Gourmet


Dr Suares
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