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How Does Personal Branding Help My Career?

We’re often asked how personal branding benefits the viability of successful entrepreneurs and their businesses . . . how does it help my career? While the process, desired results and tangible fruits are different for everyone, one truth is consistent - Your brand equity is one of the most important key elements to the vitality and sustainability of your success. Personal branding is how you resonate in the mindset of your consumer. It is the image that shows up in a room before you do. So, how do you build the right personal brand?

Here are 5 personal branding tips that can help you monetize your expertise and win over the mindset of your desired audience:

1. Get Strategic. A solid, strategic foundation is the primary way to create both current and sustainable future success. A roadmap of your goals, methods, and strategic approaches for business development will be what ultimately allows you to stand apart from others in your field. Additionally, choose to be intentional with your clients - staying a step ahead of their progress - in preparation of their growth and offering valuable solutions to their increased challenges. They will be forever thankful for your continued leadership and support of their success.

2. Be a Thought-Leader. Provide a constant stream of educational content that is helpful to your specific demographic and audience. Find out what topics your audience is most interested in and research new ways in which you can solve their problems and enrich their lives. Share your expertise through thought-leadership articles and participate in speaking opportunities. Be clear and always educational. Eliminate pointless content and stay consistent to what your brand represents, or you will quickly drive away readers and confuse your audience.

3. Know Your Demographic. Remember that you are not for everyone, so everyone is not for you. Personal brands that try to win over too broad of an audience are never sustainable. Success lies in identifying and owning a niche. Figure out who your people are and stick with them. This will not only forge lasting success, but will keep anxiety at bay, as there is nothing more frustrating and troubling than trying to please those whom you weren’t built to please.

4. Be Consistent. Your brand should be a constant. From the moment someone meets you to when they speak with you on the phone and visit your social media platforms, your audience is making decisions about you. Everything you say, everything you write, everything you do and do not do is your brand. Ensure that each aspect of your personal brand measures up to your desired message. This includes those that you associate with, your strategic business partners and your clientele. The only way to build credibility is to be unwavering in your entire authentic persona and brand image.

5. Keep it Real. Ego is that little demon who’s telling you to keep your wall high, but a successful personal brand, though refined, shares realness and authenticity. A good personal brand is truth. When you decide to get personal, it’s both easier and necessary to focus on how you can help your consumer rather than how they can help you. Flipping this switch mentally will translate through to your words, actions, business decisions and straight into the heart of your audience. They will believe your brand and make a decision to work with YOU and not simply purchase what you’re selling.

--Brandi Kamenar, CEO Brandi Kamenar Beverly Hills

Personal Branding Expert and Strategic Business Development Strategist

For more information on Author, Brandi Kamenar:!brandi-kamenar/c190d


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