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Upgrade Your Brand to Social Influencer Status

What IS an online social influencer and how do I become one?

Online social influencers aren’t all about numbers - they’re about leading a loyal and consistent fan base through curating their brand, message and products online. If you’re ready to share your creativity and unique expertise with the world, here are a few of our favorite tips on how to reach the expanded audiences you desire and monetize what you already love doing! 1. Create valuable content for your specific, unique audience (General stories and second hand photos are not valuable. Make this personal, relatable information that solves a problem and enriches audiences’ lives!) 2. Build brand alliances. We LOVE connecting with other brands that are both similar and diverse. There are always ways in which you can collaborate with others in your similar field - especially online. Contribute to others’ platforms and invite them to contribute to yours. There is room for everyone and finding success in a net of wonderful support is the most fulfilling kind. 3. Don’t be afraid of a lot of interaction. This is how you and your audience will connect, engage in conversation and forge a community around your brand. Ask questions, answer questions and let your followers know they’re valuable and in this WITH you. 4. Keep at it. Nothing great happens overnight and your online influence certainly will not. Continue to push out valuable content, gain visibility with/through other influencers and your tribe will take notice. Let’s make 2016 creative, social and, as always, successful!

-Brandi Kamenar, CEO Brandi Kamenar Beverly Hills

Personal Branding Expert and Business Strategist

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