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2016 Digital Marketing Predictions - Interview with Brandi Kamenar, CEO and Founder Brandi Kamenar B

Building a successful brand can seem daunting if you’re not well equipped with experience to distinguish what is a rising trend vs. a mere blip on the radar. Mastering the nebulous world of consumer demand sits squarely at the center of such success -- and that’s where award-winning entrepreneur Brandi Kamenar comes in. Brandi Kamenar, CEO and Founder Brandi Kamenar Beverly Hills, is one of the nicest people I’ve met in Los Angeles. Brandi embodies a deeply-rooted sense of self and authenticity; refreshing in a city known for its sometimes homogenous approach to marketing. But one look at Brandi's successes (her clients include best-selling authors, artists and entrepreneurs) proves substance is a key driver when building authentic consumer relationships. So, when I asked Brandi to divulge her biggest predictions for digital marketing in 2016, it was no surprise that getting personal was a major theme. Q: What's a major trend that will change the digital marketing (or brand) landscape in 2016? A: In working with our brands, one of the major trends I see online is the push for exceptionally personal and otherwise privy content. The wave of new communication platforms have created a wildfire of fan to personality and consumer to business interaction - leaving individuals used to the feeling of closeness with even the largest of corporations and celebrities. Additionally, demographics are actually willing and eager now to share personal information of their own if they believe it will increase their consumer experience. Q: What does this signify to you for businesses or consumer behavior on a larger scale? A: As consumers and audiences become further exhausted of uninspired, undistinguished and general content, this becomes very good news for personal brands with substance and genuine experiences/expertise to share. With the right platform, success in their desired niche is imminent due to the market's hunger for these vulnerable personalities. Q: What advice would you give businesses no doubt impacted by this shift? A: Take a step back and reevaluate your messaging and the information you’re sending out - whether it be through blogging, emailing your lists, website content or social media. Are you taking the time to curate helpful, relevant and personal content? Or is it just adding to the noise of the internet’s black hole? Refining your personal message will be an enormous step in setting your brand apart.

-Jessica Payne, Digital Brand & Marketing Strategist, Strategy for Impact


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